greiner commercial construction case study

differentiating an industry leader

what we did

– strategy

– branding

– growth


As an industry leader in commercial construction for over 30 years, Greiner is known as a group with integrity, quality, and service.

The problem: others were too and being another one of ‘the same’ meant a race to the bottom with pricing, unavoidable commoditization, and a constant uphill battle with brand recognition and awareness.

We needed to understand what made Greiner different to ultimately create messaging and marketing that mattered and separated them from the competition.

So, how do you stand out and gain market share in a sea of highly-qualified competition?

be BOLD.


step 1

we started with the tribe...

The project was initiated after learning more about Greiner’s goals and opportunities.

We started our strategy phase with in-depth interviews, both internally and externally in order to understand the general perception of the brand.

After many Zoom sessions, puzzled looks, and deep thought – our insights were finally gathered.


step 2

then we broke down positioning & messaging...

Powered by our market research and fresh off two dozen interviews, we were able to take these insights and began analyzing ideal clients and partners. Our goal: re-engineer those relationships.

At this point, we knew the big players in town in certain markets and the smaller, more agile firms in others. However, we uncovered an unclaimed space in their market that no firm had firmly staked its claim in. At this point, everyone in leadership at Greiner agreed:

white space

step 3

and ushered in the next chapter.

There was laughter, silly hats, and civil discourse amongst leadership over several in-person and remote workshops – it was all worth it.

Ultimately our efforts with Greiner lended invaluable insight with understanding their core customers and core partners, bridged their internal / external perception gap with new messaging and values, and formed a new path towards onlyness and proper positioning.

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