You have to practice what you preach. Here at vnzo, we challenge our clients (and audience) to speak to their customers, to improve customer experiences, and to adapt with the market.

Needless to say – we have to, too.

A brief history

vnzo was initially founded as a digital marketing agency. In our early days, the array of services included only marketing activities, such as: website development, SEO, and paid advertising. Over time, the need for a more robust set of services emerged in order to service the ever-increasing demands of our clientele.

2020 saw the (quiet) rollout of our strategy, branding, and growth process. This three-phase process was a step in the right direction for producing effective results and solutions for our clientele, especially in comparison to our early offerings (where strategy was not a formal offering). The primary downside was time. Each phase typically took between 4-8 weeks, which meant an engagement would take nearly six months to really get off the ground.

The big change

After speaking with our clients, our industry partners, and keeping our attention focused on the market – vnzo is simplifying its array of offerings.


From strategy, branding, growth to brand strategy and brand activation.

brand strategy brand activation vnzo

Brand strategy will include only strategy-related items, while brand activation will only include executional items.


The change is simple yet effective and will allow our offerings to ebb and flow as the demand for new services increases and the desire for others shrinks. This arrangement of offerings also allows us to usher in new services, too. Some are new altogether, some have been changed, and some remain the same.

New offerings

After working primarily in the B2B service industry, we’ve consistently seen patterns in the types of challenges our clientele is facing:


  • Standing out in a sea of competition
  • Creating transcendent customer experiences
  • Reaching multiple audiences
  • Explaining a wide array of services


In brand strategy, these challenges are tackled head on with two different offerings.

Brand DNA defines what a brand truly is: purpose, mission, vision, and core values. Through several exercises and workshops, we help brands define who they are in order to chart a course for where they want to go.

Brand Tribe Design (formerly ideal client design) takes into consideration multiple stakeholders for each brand. Not only are ideal clients designed, but now industry partners and staff have their own designs as well – all in an effort to draw attention from the right kind of people.

Brand Architecture Design allows us to improve brands with a wide array of offerings, separate visions, or different audiences altogether. By deploying this strategic element, brands are able to sub-brand and build individual recognition, reach new audiences, and improve marketing efforts. More on brand architecture.

In brand activation, we’ve introduced two ongoing offerings to measure success and steer brands in the right direction.

Brand Tracking allows us to set KPIs (key performance indicators) before an engagement starts in order to benchmark results, I.e. a brand wants to quantify it’s perception before and after rebranding. Monthly tracking of any brand campaigns or ongoing work is also covered under the guise of Brand Tracking.

Brand Governance can be looked at as the out-sourced CBO service from vnzo. Along with reporting on KPIs via Brand Tracking, Brand Governance allows vnzo’s strategists to get into the weeds of your brand and to give informed recommendations and advice throughout the entirety of the relationship.


In all, vnzo is a summation of its clients needs and as those needs adapt, so will vnzo. We are excited to roll out these new offerings to better serve our clientele and look forward to where 2022 will take us.


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