The construction industry has a long and trusted history as one of the oldest industries in the world. That being said, many in construction are leery of change, whether that be to their process and principles, or other things like their brand or logo.

While ‘change’ might be a somewhat scary word, construction firms that refuse to adapt or embrace modernity risk falling to the wayside as other, newer firms take the lead. And, though marketing and branding may be the last thing on a construction firm’s mind, branding plays an influential role in setting firms up for success.

(More on why branding matters in construction here).

Know Where to Play and How to Win

Firstly, to become a wildly successful and renowned firm, you need to understand where to play (type of construction) and how to win (your unique advantage). Not to mention a thorough understanding of your region and the type of client you are trying to attract. This understanding comes from research, experience, and asking the right questions.

understand where to play type of construction how to win your unique advantage

It’s safe to say, it’s easier said than done.

Construction is extremely specialized now, with some firms focusing solely on healthcare construction while others work in the multi-family sector, for example. Before any branding or rebranding efforts can begin, you need to understand the industry as it pertains to a brand’s visual identity.

Look at what other construction brands are doing and see what visual areas they exist in – are they big and bold or more subtle and refined? Bigger, more successful firms don’t follow trends in terms of identity. They carve out their own space within the industry to have the most success. That means there is a very simple and narrow bandwidth to work within on a visual level.

Design Your Ideal Client

On top of understanding the ins and outs of your industry, you also need to gain a deep understanding of your client. And not just any one of your clients, but your ideal client.

design your ideal construction client

You see, most firms attract all sorts of projects and end up working with an array of different clientele. The problem with this is that, while your revenue may be increasing from sheer volume, your profitability and opportunity for recognition may be suffering.

“We do everything for everybody” – yes, and so does everyone else.

Analyze which clients you want more of instead of just observing who happens to be buying from you. Pay attention to the city, region, and sector your ideal clients work in to gain deeper insights into what they are looking for in a construction firm. The minute you do this, you’ll be able to create designs that resonate more with the types of clients you want and repel the ones you don’t.

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Avoid The Clichés

And finally, tip #3: avoid the clichés! (It’s harder than it sounds). Avoid the usual suspects when it comes to construction design elements; no buildings or ruler lines in the logo or other visual elements, please! These stereotypical design elements are seen far too often in construction and will not serve your firm well in the long run. After all, it’s going to be hard to stand out from the competition when every other logo your client sees has a hard hat on it.

bad construction logos

On top of avoiding clichés, remember to avoid large departures from the construction firm’s existing brand. Trust is a huge part of this industry; clients need to be able to trust your firm before signing on. That trust can be conveyed with the right visual brand identity.

Summary – Top 3 Branding Tips for Construction Firms

When it comes to branding in the construction world – the obvious answer is typically not the right answer. You will need to do your homework and find the gaps within your space that your firm can conquer.

That means:

– Knowing where to play and how to win
– Designing your ideal clients
– Avoiding clichés

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