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For most companies based in Hawaii, there’s a wide gap between strategy and creativity…

Through in-depth interviews, group workshops, and marketing and branding exercises – we bridge this brand gap and lay the groundwork for successful campaigns and projects. This service is customized for each engagement and effectively unearths both opportunities and gaps alike for businesses in Hawaii.

Discovery & Research

A live, in-person, facilitated discovery phase where we uncover deep insights about your Hawaiian customer base and internal workings, as well as project-specific goals and benchmarks. On top of understanding direct competitor strategies, we partner with WARC and Qualtrics to effectively monitor market trends and gather relevant market insight from published case studies, market surveys, and trusted advisors.

In-Depth Interviews

A deep dive into the minds of hand-picked stakeholders. We conduct a set of interviews to gather invaluable insight in our efforts to re-engineer said relationships and to make informed brand decisions for your business located in Hawaii.

Market Surveys

Custom-designed surveys sent to market to better understand an audience’s familiarity with a brand, product, or concept. This unearths opportunities within the Hawaiian market and allows us to act efficiently.

User Profiles

Let’s define your users in Hawaii. Here we define your primary and secondary customers, surfacing their jobs, challenges, and pain points. Then we synthesize these items into concise and thorough profiles.


Assigning budgets to marketing and new business development in Hawaii is difficult. Our market and sales process workshops lend clarity and provide the insight needed to assign appropriate budgets to each marketing silo.


Understanding white space, brand angle, and applying disruptive concepts in the pursuit of true differentiation. We work with key stakeholders to reimagine categories and de-commoditize brands for long-term sustainability and growth for your Hawaii-based business.


We help hone in and create effective brand messaging with positioning and differentiation in mind. From creative brainstorming techniques to messaging execution, our team is present every step of the way.

Touchpoint Mapping

Every interaction your customer in Hawaii has is considered a touchpoint. We help you understand each touchpoint, assign importance, and discover new touchpoint opportunities while improving the existing.

Client Journey Mapping

Each client has a journey from lead to conversion. Our infamous brand ladder exercise and our funnel exercise (just to name a few) shed light on gaps and present new possibilities in lead generation, customer experience, and conversion for companies located in Hawaii.

Brand Activation Planning

The finishing touch. Our brand activation guide is presented and walked through to ensure a thorough understanding of all of our insights and recommendations. The “Superbowl Playbook of Brand Strategy.”

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