marketing branding 1
marketing branding 1

marketing is the push,
branding is the pull

Our purchasing options have multiplied drastically since the advent of the internet. In this sea of choices, most companies simply shout “buy my product” or “pick me for you service needs” with the emphasis on short term profits, not long-term loyalty.

Branding is the solution.

Branding is the gut feeling customers get when they hear the name of your company and it’s in engineering that feeling where truly charismatic brands stand out from the rest.


positioning matters

In order to brand (properly), a position must be crafted. Whether that is by category, demographic, benefit, or several others - it doesn’t matter. When a brand is firmly positioned, everything falls into place and a very profitable picture begins to emerge.


branding is

Branding is not a logo, it’s not a promise, and it’s not a product - it’s a gut feeling. And it’s that feeling that needs to be managed by a dedicated team in perpetuity through high level strategy and implementation of that strategy.


marketing is
brand’s BFF

Improving a brand or increasing its awareness takes time - pairing it with proper marketing and the process is expedited. With positioning and branding sorted, marketing efforts are exponentially improved and are easier to optimize over time.

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